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Should I Turn In Small Claims?

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Bells and Whistles

Windshields, rock chips, towing, rental, small collisions and others. Dollar for dollar these options are some of the most expensive items you will ever purchase on your policy. Remember, just like any other business the insurance industry also designs their products for profit. In other words, you're not financially ahead in the long run purchasing small coverages.

But The Coverage Is So Affordable

Bells and Whistles are affordable, so why not purchase them and use them? Insurance is there to make you whole. To put one back into pre-loss condition. Which is wonderful! That's what insurance is for. What the industry doesn't advertise is you have approximately 2 claims to use in a three year window, then you're done. At that point you will will need to purchase high risk insurance and your premiums will double or even triple. The question is: do you want to use your claims for Bells and Whistles, or something a little larger in risk?

Talk To Your Agent

Are there times to purchase bells and whistles? Of course. Are there times to turn in a small claim. Absolutely. Call your agency team to discuss your options and make the best choices. If you don't have an agent Sorensen Insurance can help.

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