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Updated: Nov 30, 2018


  1. Did you know, if you're in your 20's and getting married you can save a great deal on your car insurance?

  2. If you're the parent and "gifting" insurance by letting the new couple stay on your policy this can jeopardize their coverage and greatly increase your liability.

Let us briefly explain how to find adequate coverage for the couple, protect mom and dad, and save everyone money.

The Swiss Cheese picture below represents what the newlywed couples coverage looks like if they're still on mom and dad's policy - holes and gaps. This is especially dangerous as it puts parents and married children at much greater risk for disaster. However, most newlyweds are blissfully unaware of the situation. If parents are doing this as a financial "gift," there is a better way.

Parents And Gifting

Married children need to set up an auto policy for just themselves. Many new couples are not aware it is required for both spouses and their owned vehicles to be listed on the same policy. Once set up, parents "gifting" premium can pay for as much or little as they'd like with the refund from taking their child and car off their policy. The refund in most cases will be much greater than the actual cost of the new policy.

Now the new couple will have adequate coverage not to mention parents and married children are no longer sharing risk by being tied together on the same policy.

What To Do

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