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Car Rental On Vacation. Do I Need It?

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Should you purchase the insurance when renting a car on vacation or any other time? Yes......and no. Let us explain. If your current auto insurance policy has a vehicle listed on it with both comprehensive and collision or "Full Coverage" then you don't need to TECHNICALLY purchase the coverage. Otherwise, you do.

Understand there is still risk by declining their coverage, even if you have full coverage on your vehicle(s) at home. Here are 4 reasons to consider:

  1. In case of an accident your trip home might be delayed or flight missed. An accident in a rental car will take some time to reconcile.

  2. If the rental company comes back billing you for the time their car was in the shop that is not covered by your insurance.

  3. Your trip will be interrupted, which can be VERY aggravating.

  4. The accident will go onto your national claims report. If you purchase their insurance it will not.

If you choose to purchase their coverage and have an accident it is hassle free. You'll hand them the keys and go home with no negative ramification what-so-ever. Give Sorensen Insurance a call, we can help or answer additional questions.


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